Wednesday, May 7, 2014


So, a few of my extremely talented friends and I have entered a new venture together, and are currently operating under the name Domasulon! and our debut project as a group, Sensorious, is about to happen!  

Sensorious is a collaboration between Roland Ostheim, Dezbah Stumpff, Ben Tempchin and Molly Wagoner (Domasulon). A multimedia exploration with outside projections, interactive altars and handmade musical instruments. Come explore sacred space and merging of technology and the handmade!! Pssst there are lots of surprises lurking in the shadows!!! Come a little later to really get the full effect (after sundown 7:57 pm) 
The FANTASE Dome FestFriday, May 9, 2014 6pm—MidnightDeVargas Park by the Skate Park and Dept. of LaborThe FANTASE Dome Fest is a multimedia interactive light festival. By connecting opaque and semi-opaque 360 degree domes, light installations will be seen from both inside and outside these structures. For six hours, the FANTASE Dome Fest will be free and open to the public to experience art projections, inspired design, music, and downtown vibrancy in a major community event.

more info available at:

Here are some "work in progress" photos:

Ben and Roland wiring in the studio

Breadboard and Arduino - Ben's masterwork! He is madly making all kinds of very cool things happen for the audience to interact with.

Dezbah in the bench

Molly video editing
The Portals in progress
Altar to Autumn

Trial Run - Projection onto 36' Dome- This is video Dez and I shot of Reyado who can be visited at the Wildlife Center in Espanola. He is one of the many guests you'll see projected on the dome!

Custom instrument to trigger interactive media - handmade by Rolando!

Shadow play - original handcut copper silouettes by Dez!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Lifestyle and Product Shots from Over the Years...

Good Day!  Although the images made here at Blue Koru tend to lean to the artistic side of things, over the years I have done a lot of editorial and documentary work showcasing life's moments and details.  I've been going through files and wanted to share some...enjoy!

The Beautiful Rachel Rivera

And The Beautiful Lillie Miller

Wedding Rings

Las Vegas Gloves

Las Vegas Shoes

Through the window


Ice Cold Brew

From the Tap

So Sweet Bracelets by Dezbah Maker

So Sweet Pendant by Dezbah Maker

Fireworks over the River

3 Stone Ring by Dezbah Maker

Petrified Wood Pendant by Dezbah Maker
Hanging by the Lake



Friday, June 7, 2013

DJ Prarie Dog Vinyl Record Sale! and other cool stuff!

Come check out the vinyl and other cool stuff this Sunday in the Philspace parking lot!  We will be there selling one of a kind photo prayer flags!! Hope to see you there

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I recently learned of this incredible artist, Miwa Matreyek!  Her multimedia animation and performance works are absolutely incredible!  Check out her website: and this piece on vimeo:

video still Myth and Infrastructure 4 minute excerpts by Miya Matreyek



For those of you who don't know, my name is Molly Wagoner.  I am a photographer and mixed media artist living and working in Santa Fe, NM.  I gave birth to my beautiful son 1 year ago and am now on the amazing ride of parenthood!  He has taught me so much. Everyday, his father and I are inspired and humbled by the amazing being we created.

Needless to say, my art and creative ideas have taken a step aside to allow room for me to bond with and care for the little guy.  Despite the lack of time to execute projects, my creative mind continues to overflow with ideas, so in an attempt to keep my mind and hands working, I have developed some interesting prototypes for some image and textile work.  In the works are photographic pillows and prayer flags.  This required me to (re)learn how to sew, which has opened a whole new world of artistic possibilities.

                                          Photo Prayer Flags detail 2013

I am excited and anxious to get back to work on some creative projects that have been put on hold!  As well as kick starting my new photography business, focusing on photographic services for Musicians, Artists, and Children's Portraiture!  I will soon post new video work made for We Drew Lightning and selections from new photography projects, Town Criers, and These Boots Were Made for Walking.  

Video Still from video made to accompany We Drew Lightning live 2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Last week I had the opportunity to photograph Baby Jack!  In these photos, Jack is 17 days old!  He is a sweet premie weighing in at 4 lbs!  Despite his tiny size, Jack is healthy and happy and adjusting to life on planet earth.  Thank you, Amy and Jack for hanging out with me and allowing me to capture these great moments!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Inspiration in Arizona

My family and I just took a trip to AZ to visit some friends.  It was a beautiful time spent with loved ones and I walked away feeling inspired and humbled by the dedication and determination of fellow artists!

Dezbah Stumpff Maker in her new studio in Tucson!! :






Dezbah Stumpff is a second-generation silversmith from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She began learning the trade from her father, George Stumpff, from the age of 15. In 2012 she launched Dezbah Stumpff Maker as an independently run, fully trademarked business showcasing strikingly original hand-made silver, copper and occasionally gold jewelry. A hallmark of Dezbah Stumpff Maker is heavy gauge metal, exceptional stones and funky elegance.  check out more of her work at


Anarchestra!! - I had the pleasure of seeing the space where Alex Ferris makes his instruments!  Visiting his world was like entering a magical surreal wonderland.  I wondered around as magical sounds emerged from the yurt!

Anarchestra is a group (around 100) of instruments (built -with two exceptions- by Alex Ferris), the people who play them (a few dozen regulars and a few hundred occasionals so far), and the socio-musical ideas that inform their playing. The instruments are predominantly steel with a few adapted parts, such as tuning machines and mouthpieces.  The instruments were built to encourage non-musicians to explore the making of sound, to allow experienced musicians to make sound unconstricted by their technical habits and preconceptions, and to provide an alternative vocabulary of musical sounds.  check it!